Connor Mautino

Roman Sergi, Sports Editor

“At first, the transition to online school was exciting as it was unknown and I personally thought it would be easier and more relaxed. However, the workload has increased a little bit but it is manageable with all the time on my hand. My teachers have been really supportive, especially when it comes to technology issues, but they are making this transition smoother and more manageable. Overall, the transition to online has been smooth and not too rough. As an athlete, I have been working out at least once every day to keep my body in tip-top shape. I have been work the ball as well with my body as I am getting stronger with regular lifting sessions and in shape with frequent running. I have found it easier to focus on being healthy and to stay in shape with being home most of my days, and I feel that I have really kept my performance level high and I cannot wait to get back on the pitch.”