Talon Theatre Cares

With the AIDS epidemic on the rise, the Talon Theatre program works with the Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids program to bring awareness and action to the issue.


Lily Scannell

Students showcase their talents and perform for talon theatre cares production.

With a plethora of talent and many hours of rehearsal, Talon Theatre is infamous for their outstanding performances. These performances have required unparalleled dedication and with the Talon Theatre Cares Production, students are using their gift to fight the AIDS epidemic. As the issue of AIDS and the lack of awareness for the disease continues to increase, Talon Theatre is doing their part for the community.

“We’re raising money for Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids, which is an organization which asks for donations to help fund aids research” said senior and Talon Theatre Vice-president, Natalie Mitchell.

Along with a wide range of talents showcased at the production, the audience is able to support the many artists on campus while also working to combat the widespread issue of AIDS in our country.

“The Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids Program is rooted in fighting the AIDS epidemic, so basically what we’re trying to do is raise money in a way that we know how: performing,” said Mitchell.

With a combination of dedication, hours of preparation and other methods of fundraising and advertising, Talon Theatre Cares is a production that has proven to take lots of attention and careful planning.

“There’s a lot of preparation for this, as we have to have the black box decorated. Along with the production, there is posters and a raffle,” said senior and Talon Theatre President, Lily Scannell.

Although Talon Theatre is known for their many shows on campus, the Talon Theatre Cares show has showed great success and gained much popularity over the past few years.

“The show started two years ago, but last year, we nearly tripled what we made the first year, meaning we went from $500 to $1,450” said Mitchell.

With the AIDS epidemic on the rise, Talon Theatre shines light upon this tragic topic and brings about hope to the community through their many talents and dedication.