Too much family time?

Quarantine is prompting families to argue rather than bond.

Domi Drust, Managing Web Editor

The stay-at-home order has forced millions of families to be confined in their homes. Though this has been looked upon as a positive experience in order to get families to bond, there is also the impression that this can cause a divide in relationships.

This especially effects students who have extremely busy schedules with sports, art, academics, jobs, and other extracurriculars. These activities allow people to have a healthy balance of activities and family time.

With constantly being around family members, it is inevitable that frivolous issues arise. Whether that is if your sister forgets to shut the door, or your mom is playing the TV too loud, these minor conflicts eventually build tension within the household.

It is very imperative to have alone time, in order to reset and allow oneself to recharge. Many families don’t have the luxury of having their own bedrooms or spaces where they can have their “me time”.

This “new normal” is not expected to be easy. Though it is easy to take out our stress, frustration, and boredom on our family members we must be grateful for their presence. It is easy to focus on the negative, but it is crucial to be grateful for the health of our families.

Remember this is an adjustment for everyone, as we all must do our part in order to keep ourselves, family, friends, and community safe. This isn’t forever, but we all must work with our families and try to adapt to these new lifestyle changes.