Small gesture large impact

People are coming together to do their part to support local businesses, families, and healthcare providers.


Molly Roberts

Groceries are being delivered to people at home to reduce the amount of people in the stores. They are also being distributed to people in need.

As COVID-19 remains a prevalent threat, strict rules continue being implemented. Several small businesses have had to lay off a large amount of employees and without knowing when they are able to reopen, some are in danger of being closed forever.

With this in mind it is important for the community to help these businesses. When assisting the business we are aiding the employees, the community, and the job market.

Although people are still able to go to the grocery store, it is encouraged to not go as often. Grocery stores have administered numerous precautions, including the amount of people in the stores and the distance between others in line.

In addition, restaurants are either closing down or implementing drive-thru’s, curbside pickup, and contact free delivery. They are also encouraged to offer discounts for frontline care workers and families.

To help provide relief for small businesses and restaurants, local and state wide organizations prepare meals, provide food delivery services, and raise money.

The Orange Coast article, “Sponsoring Free Meals For Healthcare Workers With Feed The Frontlines OC”, highlights the Feed the Frontlines OC, which is a project, founded by Steve Carlson, that supports small food businesses while helping healthcare workers.  With Feed the Frontlines, people can purchase meals from the local food trucks that prepare and deliver meals.

With unemployment rising, food banks across the country are starting to increase demand. Feeding America is a large food bank organization that seeks financial support to ensure food for people in need. People can help by donating and safely volunteering.

Together small gestures will help support local businesses. We can purchase gift cards, make donations, or purchase cookbooks while they are currently shut down to keep them from going out of business. Also, ordering take-out from the business that are still open helps them stay open during this time.

Using social media can also attract people to these small businesses. By tagging your purchases, reposting, and filming unboxing videos this brings attention to the business. As well as leaving positive reviews on online platforms encourages people to buy the products as well as makes the business owners happy.

To find restaurants providing discounts and to support local businesses visit