Tech use during pandemic

People have seen a massive increase in their screen time after the stay-at-home order was enforced in the majority of states across the nation.

McKenna Andrew, Staff Writer

Mckenna Andrew

It is very easy to reach over and grab your phone and begin scrolling through apps like Tik Tok or Instagram for hours. Open up a laptop and next thing you know Netflix is asking if you are still watching. With screen times soaring, many ask themselves if it is justified or not. An increase in time spent on electronics is reasonable. The only way for people to communicate during the stay-at-home order is through technology. Platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Facetime have been most popular for communication during quarantine.

“My screen time has went up a lot,” said senior Matthew Pacheco. “I’m on Instagram and Snapchat a lot more. Sadly, I have also been going on Tik Tok an absurd amount. I think it’s okay for our screen time to go up during quarantine because we are stuck at home and there’s not much else we can do. I mostly grind on modern warfare or just watch Netflix.”

Staying in communication with others is crucial during this time. Keeping social and helping others through this difficult time partially justifies this increased screen time. However, it is also important to take this time at home to focus on yourself. Journaling and staying active is just as important as keeping in touch with others. Putting down the phone, closing the computer, and turning off the television to instead hang out with family or run around the block should be part of each day.

“I am grateful for technology for the most part, but these days I would give it all up just to spend time with my friends,” said senior Abigail Lutterloh. “Most people are probably using Netflix to binge watch shows or movies during quarantine. I knew screen time would go up for social media and things, but one thing I found that technology helps a lot in is just communicating with others. I use Facetime or Zoom a lot to stay in touch with my friends and family during social distancing.”

Once all activities in the day are completed, screen time often resumes. Screen time is how SM students carry out their schoolwork, so it is unavoidable. Screen time is how students stay in contact with friends and family. Screen time could very well be how the class of 2020 graduates. Increased screen time is justified during this pandemic, but should be balanced with individual time for reflection and physical activity.