Gianna Medica


Eda Medica

“As upsetting as it is to not see my friends every day and to not be able to do things like go to the beach or out to dinner, quarantine has been a time where I have been able to relax and spend time with family. With all this extra time, I have been able to do things like bake treats for my family and friends and watch movies that I haven’t seen before. I enjoy having classes online because it allows me to get my work done with no distraction, and I feel more relaxed. I am super grateful for my teachers and the great online program I am lucky enough to have at SMCHS that makes this possible. Being at home has forced me to get creative with my workouts and healthy lifestyle, especially since the gyms are closed. I have been mixing up my training everyday by running outside, doing workouts and stretching. This time has made me reflect on how lucky I am for the resources I have, the people around me, and how you can’t take things for granted. I can’t wait to get back to my normal schedule and spend time with my friends!


My favorite moment from this school year was my golf team winning Trinity League. We worked hard all summer and all season, leading into league matches. The team really came together to motivate each other and put forth our best efforts, and we had tons of fun during the season. Every person on the team was able to reach their full potential because we were led by Coach Jill Hegna. She was super encouraging, tough and had high expectations for us. It was challenging but it was really exciting to beat Mater Dei in a close match to clench the title. It was an incredible feeling to know that we won one of the hardest leagues in the state, and I wouldn’t have wanted to end a 14-0 season any other way.”