Food Frenzy

Food trucks are a necessity with the implementation of block schedule.

Hadley McCusker, Staff Writer

As the times are changing, our campus starting to become new and innovative. The new block schedule comes with many great opportunities for students and teachers a like but there is one downfall: lunch.

Tristen Mielke

Students struggle to race from their classes to be first in the lunch line which causes unwanted tension in what is supposed to be a break from a stressful day. Even waiting in line is not enough because most of the options are over used and completely sold out. Food trucks are a key fix and absolute necessity with the addition of block schedule.

Having food trucks provides a change from the same menu every week and eating repeated lunch options everyday.

Having dessert trucks and options from teens favorite fast food places are enough to get everyone on board for block schedule. If the school wants to get students on board with the block schedule, food trucks must be integrated permanently.

Food trucks also decrease high stress for these already extremely occupied high school students. Students who buy lunch everyday struggle to have time to get food, and some don’t even eat due to line lengths and food eventually getting sold out. It not only provides more food in general but relieves the mind of high school students who need to get a meal in prior to school sports practices and homework.

Buying food everyday from the lunch line begins to become quite expensive and aggravating to keep reloading your school ID. Students no longer have to worry about whether or not their lunch card is has money or if you will even have enough to eat for that day.

The addition will be beneficial towards the progression of block schedule. It can help the new schedule run smoother and meet the needs of students, teachers and parents. Food trucks will be the last piece to an improved school life.

The addition can guarantee that teens will be less stressed and be able to focus more on their studies in class instead of how fast they can reach the line before others. With this new addition SM will be able to successfully progress in its attempts to make all aspects of school easier and more enjoyable.