Reanna Liebl

Kairos Retreat Leader


After Kairos changed her faith, she wanted to do the same by leading others.

“I first went on Kairos in the summer. I had heard a lot about it and was really excited to go. I mostly went in the summer, so I could lead during the school year. Kairos, for me, definitely lived up to the rumors. Everyone talked about Kairos being a big turn around in their faith, but I never really had that on mine. However, I think my faith did change on Kairos. I mostly learned more about myself because the whole time I was there I was thinking, “Oh, I can’t wait to do that when I lead.” I learned that I get more out of my faith when I lead others. I proved myself right because I loved leading my classmates so much more than I enjoyed actually going on it. I led November Kairos and I was so excited to lead because it’s a completely different experience. There are no surprises but you’re still so excited for everything. When I was leading I felt I was able to soak everything in and enjoy it more. Everybody that goes, I would definitely recommend leading it. It’s honestly a different retreat when your leading versus when you are going on it.”