Remy Beauchamp

ComedySportz Team Captain


Aidan Ocampo

Having been on ComedySportz all four years, Beauchamp now leads the team as their captain.

“I wasn’t planning on getting involved but then people were talking about it my freshman year, about tryouts for the team and stuff, and one of my other freshman friends forced me to go with them and we ended up being the only two freshmen to join the team that year.

In my freshman year, one of our captains was Dylan Field and I got really close to Dylan through ComedySportz and we kind of just connected over this one scene that we performed. [In the scene], he was getting married to another and I was the officiant and we just kind of made eye contact during this scene and everybody else was laughing and we were trying so hard to keep it together. Yeah, it was just kind of funny and I learned a lot from him. So that was definitely one of my favorite memories looking back.

Then I joined Varsity after that and so I was able to play in the games every month as I was put on the roster and then this year I became the Team manager or ‘captain’ of the team.

Right now my favorite part is definitely teaching the games to the rest of the team. That’s something that I have definitely had to get used to doing and it was a new challenge for me this year but I really started to enjoy just helping people grow in their confidence and how much they love the game.

It’s definitely like a different crowd than would be attracted to just theater or just sports. But I think it’s always people that are really interesting that are drawn to ComedySportz and that kind of make for a fun group that’s really diverse and has a lot of different perspectives especially in comedy and performance.

I think [I’ll miss] my fellow team members the most. I’ve gotten really close to them and as a team we’ve gone through a lot this year and I think I’ve kind of become… not a mentor, but somebody they could come to whenever they needed somebody, so I’m going to miss being there for them.”