Larissa Farhadi

Assistant Counselor, Camp James


Larissa Farhadi, Class of 2021, spent her summer doing what she loves most: working with kids.

“I work at Camp James. It’s in Newport Dunes. My job was an AC which is an assistant counselor and I work with the four and five-year-olds. I did that for six weeks, five days a week, for like eight hours. I basically just like to help them pay attention and then also make sure they’re having fun. I like working with kids because they like me. Even the trouble makers listen to me because they think I’m chill. I’m going to do it again this summer. It definitely helped me get out of my shell. I feel like I have a lot more confidence now. If people try to make fun of me I’ll just look at them and be like “peace.” I’m able to talk to adults more. It helped me get out of my shell.”