Rolling with the stones

Though SM offers a variety of music electives such as choir, guitar, steel drums, and hand bells, various students decide to focus their music efforts outside of the classroom. Junior Andres Perez uses his musical talents of electric guitar exclusively in the comfort of his own home.

“I’m used to playing by myself, and I don’t mind playing in front of my friends, but the thought of playing guitar with a full classroom is something that I was not comfortable with” Perez said. “I took lessons for two years and I spent the next two years learning myself, and I think I benefit more from learning from my friends rather than a teacher.

Perez is mostly influenced by Steve Vai because of his uniqueness and originality and the mobility of him way of his finger movement is incredible. He pushes Perez to expand his abilities and to improve his technique.

“I’m learning arpeggios, which is also sweet picking, the notes that you play are neoclassical, mellow metal. I like it cause its challenging and I love keeping myself busy with learning new techniques” Perez said.

Perez also participates in club soccer which allows him to be versatile with his activities. With the diversity of playing a sport as well as an instrument Perez is able to branch out socially, “I am able to expand my social groups with all the activities I am involved in” Perez says, “I don’t think many people get the diverse group of friends I have. I encourage people to try to get involved in different types of activities.” Perez said.