Grace Kozak

Girls Varsity Basketball Co-Captain


“As a co-captain for girls varsity basketball, I am responsible for pushing and encouraging my teammates to give 100% effort every time we step on the court. I work hard to bring the best out of everyone on the team, while establishing great friendships to ensure that we begin season with as much team chemistry and cohesiveness as possible.

I am really excited for this season because we have a lot of new changes, including seven new varsity players and a new head coach. It’s an opportunity for us to create a new culture for our program that values hard work, accountability, and development. We have been working extremely hard in the pre-season so that we can start off our season knowing that we are well-prepared to compete with anyone we face. I have seen how much talent, passion, and potential our team has which gives me great confidence that we will be successful this year.

I started playing basketball in NJB when I was 7 years old. I initially hated it, but soon developed a love for the sport that has lead me to play at elite club levels since I was in 4th grade. I’ve put in countless hours on the court over the last 10 years and every minute of it has been completely worth it. I truly love the competition and adrenaline that basketball offers me and I am so excited to have an amazing last season.

My favorite memories from playing basketball are definitely my high school team’s celebrations after each of our CIF wins last year. We were not expected to go far in the play-offs, so after each win we would celebrate and scream the song “Unwritten”, which was a tradition we had for each win. It was so exciting to see how well we could perform despite what others had predicted for our team, and was an amazing feeling to see our hard-work pay off.”