Arshan Harizavi

“Safe Rides is a collective group of teenagers that hope to help other teens by discouraging drinking and driving. We do this through providing a free driving service to ensure everyone makes it home safely. [During] my junior year, I went to the club rush and met the Safe Rides coordinator. She told me that SM no longer has a branch of students, and that she wanted someone to lead the SM Safe Rides community. Then I went to a leadership meeting and really enjoyed myself. It started off with just my close friends, and people who needed service hours, but then the club began to expand. I passed out Safe Rides keychains and advertised at the Every 15 Minutes Assembly and emailed other SM students, hoping to get as much engagement from the student body as possible.

Safe Rides is important to me, and all other students, because it focuses on helping each other and our community to keep young kids safe, and prevent everyone from experiencing the dangers and consequences of driving under the influence. I realized that peer pressure is a huge issue in high school, and all though it can be dangerous, there’s a community of kids looking out for each other and willing to help out. “