Dylan Puepke

“I intern at UCI Medical Center in Orange and I worked in the Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center with nurses to help patients. Along the routes, the nurses would teach me lessons. Over this summer, I learned how to take blood sugar and start an IV. Other things I did, were sit in on procedures and help out with small medical things. I learned about the different types of people I encounter. A lot of people have different stories throughout their lives and different point of views on society. I thought it was really cool that they were comfortable enough to share that with me”

“I want to go into the medical field eventually and get an MD in anesthesiology.  No one in my family is involved in the medical field, but I want to go into this field mostly because it really interests me. When I first learned about anesthesiology, I though, well, this is kinda cool. You put people to sleep, but they aren’t really sleeping. It’s more of a fake sleep. If I wanted to be a surgeon, I would only get to be a surgeon for one specific thing. Doing anesthesiology you can go into different places and departments and see all the different things that the medical field has to offer.”