Runs in the family


Billie Eilish is only seventeen years old, but in the past year has become one of the biggest names in music. What most people don’t know however, is that much of that success is due to her brother Finneas O’Connell. Billie and Finneas grew up in Los Angeles, California and were the children of two very artistic parents. Both became involved in the arts at very young ages, Eilish focusing on signing and dancing, while O’Connell perused acting as well as singing and song-writing. 

 Eilish’s fame skyrocket after the release of her song Ocean Eyes in 2017. Despite Eilish’s unique sound singing the lyrics, they were written by her brother for a band he was in. This is how the majority of Eilish’s hit songs have been created, in collaboration with her brother. Not only has O’Connell written songs with Eilish that have pushed her to become one of the world’s most popular musicians, he also tours with her and performs with her at almost every show as her guitarist and backup vocalist. 

Despite being her older brother, O’Connell has been living in his sister’s shadow, but her fame has led to a spike in the attention he attracts as well. The past few years of his career have been dedicated to producing his sisters debut album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO, but now his priorities have shifted, and O’Connell is set to release an EP entitled Blood Harmony on October 4th

While Eilish owes a portion of her fame to her brother’s enchanting song lyrics, O’Connell has also benefited greatly from his sister as well. Their combination of intimate lyrics and delicate voices has led to the production of some of the year’s most notable songs, and two of our generation’s most talented artist.