Tamara Hirschman

Varsity Cross Country Captain


“I am the captain of the team, I really enjoy it and it’s a lot of fun because I get to lead other people and help motivate them. One thing I would say is my favorite part about cross country is the team itself. Considering its such a small sport and we are all doing the same stuff we all really bond together very well. During runs you get to talk to others and your all feeling the same emotions so it’s a good way to really connect with people. I really enjoy being on the team and leading it for one because I get to help a lot of people achieve theirs goals and achieve times they want to get. It’s a really accomplishing feeling knowing that you helped someone get to the best they can and along with other people on the team they helped me get to the best I can as well.

I really enjoy running itself because it’s a stress reliever for me when you have a long day of school and when I go on a run it really clears my mind and I really enjoy that about the sport. I love running, it sounds strange because not a lot of people like to run but I actually really enjoy it because its just a fun things for me to do because if you ever want to get loose or have fun you can just go for a run and like really take the edge off of things”