Coach Rouzier

Football Linebacker Coach, ASP Teacher

“I was in Germany before I came to SM, and I was living over there and I was the head football coach of a team in Germany. I worked with one of the [substitutes] Sean Embree, and he calls me up and goes, “man, you’ve got to come see this high school, I’m going to get you a job at this high school.” And I said, ‘I don’t want to coach high school football,’ and he’s like, “no, you want to see this. This isn’t like a high school this is more like a college.” So I was visiting with my girlfriend at the time, who was from Germany, and I’m from Massachusetts so we flew out [to SM] to visit family and see the school , and we came to the school and we were just blown away. We were like, “wow this really is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

So, then it just so happened that the D-coordinator ended up getting a job at Costal Carolina, so they need a linebacker coach. I had different connections with people that worked at the school. I went to school with the HR director’s niece, and I knew some people that knew some folks in the school and I ended up getting a job. 

I told my girlfriend at the time, like “I’m going to take this job, I’m not going back to Germany, so, I know that you’re the one so do you want to get married?” And she said yes, and we got married four days later. So instead of going back to Germany, we flew here the same day that we would have flown to Germany we flew to California, and we moved here, and I’ve been here since February of 2018. 

… What struck me was just how beautiful the campus is. My experience being in ASP last year and this year is just how great the kids are here and [they’re] really fortunate to have such a great value proposition in this school, and as a new ASP teacher, I couldn’t have a better boss, [or] better co-workers… just great people.”