Bailey Woinarowicz

Secretary-General, Model United Nations


Bailey Woinarowicz

Bailey Woinarowicz traveled to London for MUN, yet she continues her MUN success right on campus.

“This year I am the Secretary General. As the Secretary General I oversee the MUN program at school. Jobs that I do include running the board meetings for our leadership team and I promote various ideas to further the success of the MUN program. This year we are starting to do service projects every month. September we are doing a beach clean up and in October we are doing a second harvest day. I am really excited for those and to get our MUN program involved with the community outside of SM and to take the topics we debate about in committee and put them in a real-world scenario.

I think in MUN, I really liked traveling for my four years. For my sophomore year I went to Montreal, I went to London last year, and this year I went to Paris and Prague. My advice I would give to people who are starting off in MUN would be to put your heart into is, work hard, make sure you get your position papers in on time, and really think about your solutions and speeches. If you try hard in MUN you can get really far with it.”