Lily Scannell

Talon Theatre President

“I have a lot of responsibilities as Talon Theatre President. I’m kind of the main leader of the group. Not only do I have to rally together my board of ten people, but I also have to be responsible for the whole thespian troupe. I’m the head of the meetings and the main representative of Talon Theatre. I will sometimes collaborate and post stuff on the Instagram, but I’m the main organizer and I help market for Talon Theatre. I organize all of the board meetings and if anybody has questions, they come to me.

I’m really looking forward to our fall play and the season in general. This season is called, ‘Voices of Courage’ so our play and our musical are based around courage this year. It is also inspiring us throughout the year to have courage and try new things. Our fall play¬† is going to be a collaborative project between anybody who auditions and anybody who wants to design the hair or makeup, lighting design, and all of the tech crew. We are going to put a piece together to share a story about ‘Voices of Courage’.¬†

I’ve always liked being center of attention and being on stage and performing. When I was younger I always did dance and cheer but I wanted to try out the Musical Theatre 1 class my freshman year, and I fell in love from that moment on. All of the people are so nice and welcoming, which has made me want to stick with it and continue.”