Thomas McClure

Senior | Varsity Football

“At SM I do football, film, MUN, Eagles Edge, and Safe Rides, which is my main club. Outside of school, I’m pretty busy. I’m involved in my Church. I go to Presbyterian Church of the Master over on Oso. Outside of school I also spend a lot of time working at In-n-Out. To be honest, during season I don’t have a lot of free time. It’s basically football, homework, and sleep. I think the people make SM different from other schools. Everyone here is super nice and I feel like the teacher’s genuinely really like to teach. Caritas Christi means we all share in the love of Christ, so everyone is really nice to be around. If I have free time, I just like to chill out, hammock, and take pictures. I like a lot of variety in my life, so I’m not sure I could just do one thing forever without getting bored.”