Grace Haecherl

Humans of SM

“I’ve been dancing since I was about 3, not competitively though, this is my first year competing. With singing, I never really got classic training, I joined choir in fourth grade and went from there. When I’m dancing in front of a crowd, the energy is different. I go on stage and I don’t remember all of what happened. I want to leave the stage knowing there wasn’t anything I could’ve done better.”

“I don’t accredit my singing to me. When its worship, it’s not my voice, it’s His. That’s not me. On retreats, being a part of the worship team has changed everything for me. I get to watch how music can affect other people. At mass I’m looking at all of my friends and its comfortable. I normally could never imagine that many eyes on me, but when the lights are dim, and I’m singing for Him, I know it’s God time and it’s okay.”

“Being involved with the arts at SM have helped me make friends. I am not involved in ASB or ambassadors, but I have performing arts, my own outlet. I meet people I have things in common with. When I am dancing and singing, that’s when I belong on campus and have found my place.”