Kaylin Maddox

Student Volunteer


Giulia Henshaw

Reflecting on her past achievements, Kaylin Maddox expresses her excitement for her third year of volunteering at Pretend City.

I really enjoy [volunteering at Pretend City] because I have a passion for working with kids and building our future, since kids are our future. I think that it is important that they are presented with opportunities to learn basic cognitive skills because a lot of skills are being lost due to technology. For example, kids don’t have as much spacial awareness and kids are losing their social and emotional skills. We at Pretend City believe that through playing at the museum, kids will be able to regain those skills again.

At Pretend City I advocated for creating a music exhibit because one in six children don’t receive a musical education in California anymore. So, I thought that it was important to showcase music so kids could make those connections in their brains with the sound coming from the instrument and the different motions they use to produce that sound. It was a really rewarding experience because once my plan was executed it was this huge exhibit and I couldn’t believe that [my team] raised enough money to create this thing that kids will use for such a long time and that will have such an impact on the community because the kids are learning about music which is so important