Claire Crafts

Humans of SM


Aidan Ocampo

Following in the legacy of former-ASB President John Grayson, Claire Crafts seeks to leave behind her own legacy on campus.

I love being on campus, and I don’t think many people can say that. Obviously there’s ups and downs, but when I walk on campus, when I park my car and walk through the gates, I immediately feel like these are my people, this is my place, and I belong. I love going through different parts of campus. I walk through the administration building and know all the people in there, I walk into the choir room and see Mr. Calvo and Mr. Winn and say hi, and I can walk into the activities office and see all my ASB friends and Mr. Barry and Mr. Darwazeh. I am always overwhelmed with the feeling that these are the people that I want to be with throughout my day. I like being on campus and having that realization that this place is helping me in a positive way to become the person that I am, but some of my favorite people are helping me do that.

For senior year, I am very excited to really practice living in the moment and enjoying each memory. I feel like each one of the lasts becomes a bit more special. I’m excited to appreciate things about high school that I never thought I would miss like the last first day of school. All the memories I’ve seen previous seniors experience and now getting to experience them myself just makes the moments on campus and off campus with my friends a lot sweeter knowing that the time is limited.