Migrants attempt to border-crossing in Laguna Beach

Migrants raced up a cove in Laguna Beach after arriving on a small boat.

Sophia Roberts-Tara, Staff Writer

Thursday, Nov. 29, nine people were detained after a resident sighted a small boat containing a total of 13 people washed up on the shores of West Street Beach in Laguna Beach, Calif. After hearing the report, Laguna Beach police officers and Border Patrol agents were sent immediately to handle the situation.

Sophia Roberts-Tara
Crossing through – Many migrants attempted to cross the border through the beach on Nov. 29.

Of the nine detained, seven were undocumented immigrants from China and Mexico, while the other two consisted of one US citizen and another who had an expired visa. It is assumed that the US citizens were assisting in the process of illegally smuggling the migrants across the border. Officials caught two vehicles in the area where the two smugglers were waiting for the arrival of the undocumented immigrants.

However, since only nine of the passengers on the boat were actually detained, Border Patrol agents are still looking for the remainder of passengers who managed to run away right after the boat washed up to shore.

This is not the first time an event like this has occurred. In May, a boat arrived on the shores of La Jolla where ten undocumented immigrants were arrested. In mid June at Crystal Cove State Park, Customs and Border Protection detained four men who also arrived on a boat.
This incident occurred amid similar events regarding immigration such as the thousands of South American migrants seeking asylum at the border in Tijuana and the much-debated tear-gassing of migrants by Border Patrol agents.