Eagles’ varsity song initiates Varsity Spirit’s #AcrossTheField campaign

Varsity song team collaborates with and passes poms to Cherry Creek Dance team in spirit of team work, sportsmanship and comradery.

Jaime Svinth, Copy Editor

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As the sky dimmed and the lights illuminated the  field for the Sept. 1 game versus Cherry Creek, it seemed like any other Friday night. However, to the varsity song team on the sidelines, it was a night to remember.

On Sept. 1, girls varsity song collaborated with Cherry Creek Dance to initiate Varsity Spirit’s #AcrossTheField campaign. The campaign seeks to promote team bonding, sportsmanship and community through dance and song.

Very well-known in the song community, Varsity Spirit recognized the Eagles’ song team for embodying the spirit of the #AcrossTheField movement, and gave them  the opportunity to be the first team to be a part of the movement by passing on the special pair of poms over to another deserving team.

They were encouraged to write an inspirational message and their names on a portion of the pom before passing it on. The Lady Eagles wrote,”Unity is strength. Where there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

“The #AcrossTheField movement really teaches you how to be a leader and how to collaborate well with others,” said junior varsity song member Kate Gallaway. “It was really special to experience that as only a junior in high school.”

Courtesy photo
The Cherry Creek Song Team and the SM Song Team pose for a photo after performing at halftime.

The team passed the poms onto the Cherry Creek Song team and entertained the crowd in a dual halftime show. Prior to the performance, Cherry Creek and Santa Margarita song rehearsed together, sending videos back and forth to make sure the routine was cohesive.

“We’d seen them at competitions before, but this was totally different,” said senior varsity song captain Catherine Nilsen. “We got to dance with them and support them on a different level.”

Although they had seen each other at competitions before, the two teams had never collaborated in this way. Being from Colorado, the Cherry Creek Dance girls had never met the SM song girls in person. After communicating over the phone, they all connected at the game.

“It’s cool to meet people you recognize from competitions  that know what song is all about,” Gallaway said. “Those are the connections you make for life.”

Nilsen agrees, saying she now has “lifelong friends” in the dancers of Cherry Creek.

“I really felt a sense of community when we were dancing because we got to collaborate with another team and work on a performance,” Nilsen said. “It was an opportunity I hope all future songs teams get to experience like I did.”