Approaching AP and IB testing

Students prepare for the upcoming April and May exams.

Emily Redd, Staff Writer

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Friday, April 27th, marks the beginning of International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) testing. Over the next couple of weeks, students will be taking a variety of tests, ranging from AP Computer Science to IB Film HL.

Senior Amanda Fosdick wi

Senior Amanda Fosdick prepares for her AP and IB exams as a full IB candidate.

ll be taking the first exam offered to Santa Margarita students, IB Business Management HL.

“This year I am taking IB Business Management HL, IB Philosophy HL, IB English HL, AP Calculus AB and IB French SL,” Fosdick said.

As a full IB candidate, she has taken many IB classes over her junior and senior year.

“My favorite class this year is IB Business Management HL because of the class’s collaborative environment,” Fosdick said. “I get the opportunity to work alongside a company to address a business related problem.”

With her experience taking IB and AP exams her junior year, Fosdick has developed an effective plan to study for her upcoming exams.

“I prepare by first outlining the most important topics, then I set aside half a day to handwrite notes,” Fosdick said. “Finally, I do a last minute review by reading over my notes and then I am ready to take the test.”

Fosdick realizes that some exams will be more difficult than others as she prepares for her exams.

“I am most nervous for my Philosophy exam; it is a two day, five essay test covering a wide range of philosophy topics,” Fosdick said. “It tests not only my knowledge of philosophy, but also my ability to think philosophically.”

Despite this, Fosdick is glad she has taken AP and IB classes not only to push herself academically, but also to prepare for her college years ahead.

“I believe it is important to challenge yourself with the classes you take because it pushes you to grow and prepares you for the future,” Fosdick said. “I wanted to challenge myself and that meant taking IB classes, but I also wanted to take classes that interested me, such as Business Management and Environmental Systems and Societies.”