STEM education

STEM reaches out to female students at interactive event hosted by MIT.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology visited campus last month to host an interactive event in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. The event was led by the MIT Women’s Initiative and welcomed all girls from grades nine to 11. The presenters shared about their own careers in STEM fields and led the girls in an activity. Students like junior Chloe Grubb attended the event in order to learn more about careers in the STEM field.

” I personally plan on majoring in biomedical engineering and pursuing a career in medical science, so I felt that the MIT STEM event would be the perfect place for me to further research STEM fields and understand the inner workings of scientific jobs,” Grubb said.

The MIT students talked about the small percentage of women in jobs related to science and how more women need to get involved in these fields. They also aimed to inspire the girls by speaking about some of the major female figures excelling in math and science fields.

“I definitely see myself pursuing a STEM career in the future,” Grubb said. ” I want to be a pediatric oncologist and I feel that extensive study in biomedical engineering could certainly serve as an asset to me in the future.”

The speakers also involved the girls in a spectroscopy activity, as well as making DNA necklaces.

“I really appreciated the advice I got from the speakers for increasing my involvement in STEM, ” Grubb said. ” It really helped me understand what direction I needed to go in to better prepare myself for a future career in these types of fields. “