Is senioritis real?


Every year there comes a time when the seniors on campus reach their second semester. It’s what they have been dreaming of, and what most seniors describe as the best part of high school. College applications are submitted, and you are starting to receive your acceptance letters.

During this time most seniors tend to get a little bit lazy. They think that just because they have been accepted to a couple of schools, and have a pretty good idea of where they are going to college, they no longer need to try in school. However, this is not the case.

At the very end of the school year when seniors graduate, colleges have the right to revoke their admissions decision based on your grades. Usually this only happens if a student’s grades drop significantly, but it still does happen.

If an A student all of the sudden starts getting D’s and C’s then maybe it’s time to worry. But, if your Spanish grade only drops from an A to a B, you’re in the clear.

Most seniors tend to go through senioritis at about half way through the school year when second semester starts. However, some start way before that.

Senior Raiya Browning is one of the many seniors who is experiencing senioritis. She has maintained good grades her whole high school career, yet second semester senior year is a different story.

“I have worked so hard over the past three years so now I am dead tired,” Browning said.

We are in the final push of the school year and when we are so close to the end most seniors find it hard to gain motivation to finish off the school year strong.

“It is really hard to care about the last semester because I am so close to being done and it doesn’t seem like anything could go wrong,” Browning said.

Any senior currently going through senioritis should remember that the year is almost over. There are only a few more short months left of high school, and it will go by fast. In this last semester seniors should allow themselves a healthy balance of fun and school.