Motion to remember

Senior Gabe Reyes reflects on four years of Model United Nations.


Rachel Do, Staff Writer

Freshmen year is the year to try out new things, like joining a variety of clubs, taking on new classes and playing sports. For Senior Gabe Reyes, it was joining Model United Nations, also known as MUN, a decision that shaped his four years of high school in a positive way.

Reyes was hesitant about joining MUN in the beginning. He joinged MUN in his freshman year, at the urging of his parents.

“I was indifferent toward it, other than fearing public speaking and being happy I could get more honors credits,” Reyes said.

Reyes overcame his fear of public speaking and became an experienced delegate. As he finishes up his fourth and last year of MUN, Reyes values the important lessons he learned.

“The most important lesson I have learned is that vulnerability is good,” Reyes said. “Sometimes in MUN I have felt vulnerable, I ended up thriving and doing very well. If you feel vulnerable, you’re being challenged to do better, and that’s almost always a good thing.”

Not only has MUN helped Reyes become a better, stronger delegate and taught him to take on the challenges, but also it helped him become a more outgoing person. Reyes’ insecurity toward his own ideas and opinions has significantly decreased, and he is now more comfortable discussing and debating.

“[MUN] has pushed me to be a more empathetic, open-minded, and globally-conscious person,” Reyes said. “Learning about issues prevalent around the world pushed me in a direction that has given me a greater sense of what is important in life: not just appeasing my own wants and needs, but those of others.”

With an intended major of international relations, Reyes recognizes his privileges and wants to devote his future career to help those who face injustice and are disadvantaged in society. His long-term goal is to work for the State Department or the United Nations.

Reyes’ favorite aspect of MUN is the travel conferences he has attended. He’s been to UC Berkeley, London and  Prague. Each trip, Reyes explains,  has been incredible for him and provided him with unforgettable memories and friendships.

Reyes advises novice and future delegates of MUN to go after the challenges and difficulties. He says facing and overcoming them is the way to move forward and to gain more confidence.

“Vulnerability is good,” Reyes said. “Sign up for committees on topics you’ve never heard of, step up to the challenge of representing a country whose policy is totally opposite of what you agree with and more. At times you’ll want to quit the program or give up at a conference, but I wish I had done more of those things during my time in the program because, on the occasions I did, I had the best experiences.”