Behind the sounds

Senior Mike Juergens works the technology aspects for the theater department.


The cast bows before an applauding audience and many actors and actresses receive flowers at the end of their performance. But behind the curtain, or, rather, hidden at the top of the bleachers, sits a crew of techies responsible for making sure the show runs smoothly.

Senior Mike Juergens has been a member of technical theater since his freshman year. As a sound effects specialist, he ensures that every musical nails its most essential element: the music.

My job is figuring out speaker placement, patching the board, sound effects and mixing the show during the play or musical,” Juergens said. “Overall, I’m like a costume designer, but instead of fitting actors with clothes, I fit them with mics.”

One of SMCHS’ most dedicated theater techs, Juergens says he would have never discovered his love for sound effects if it were not for a schedule mishap his freshman year.

“I had actually signed up for theater arts my freshman year, but was placed in technical theater somehow,” Juergens said. “Instead of switching out, I just stuck with it, and ended up really enjoying the class.”

Despite his interest in sound mixing, Juergens says that his favorite thing about working in technical theater is the friendships he’s made along the way.

“As much as I love sound design, working with the old technical director Mike Ritchey, making new friends I wouldn’t have otherwise known was probably the best part,” Juergens said.

Talon Theater has advertised tech crew openings for its newest production, “West Side Story,” along with the position of Stage Manager. Juergens encourages students to get involved.

“I have just made so many great friendships along the way,” Juergens said. “These are people I might not have met if it weren’t for my role in the Talon Theater tech crew.”