Godspell gives back

Talon Theatre students gather items to donate to those in need.

When the students of Talon Theatre see a problem in their community, they come together to make a difference. The cast and crew of “Godspell” have put time and effort into creating a drive for donations to homeless communities around Southern California.

“We wanted to do something that all students could participate in and make a difference in other peoples’ lives,” said senior Hannah Loessberg.

The cast created a project to help the homeless because “Godspell” focuses on homeless people and how they depend on and help each other. The students take this message outside the confinement of the stage to help actual people around them.

Talon Theatre members asked that freshmen bring sunscreen and deodorant, sophomores bring ChapStick and body wipes, juniors bring safety razors and shampoo and seniors bring white socks and feminine products. In addition to each grade level’s specific items, all students were asked to bring flashlights with batteries and five dollars to put toward purchasing blankets.

“We picked a project that was important to us and helped others at the same time,” said senior Griffin Webb.

The “Godspell” cast enjoyed creating the hygiene kit drive and giving back to the community. The students will place the various donation items in backpacks and give them to homeless people to supply them with clothing and hygiene products during the holidays.

These 650 hygiene kits will help a significant amount of people to have access to these basic items. Talon Theatre commits themselves to serving others and helping their neighbors, even in the midst of a hectic rehearsal schedule.