Blue and gold

On the evening of Sept. 30, members of the SMCHS community gathered on campus to celebrate the school’s 30 year anniversary at the annual Blue and Gold fundraiser. The gym was barely recognizable, transformed with sweeping decorations, chandeliers, and tables adorned with elaborate centerpieces.

The Blue and Gold event began as a gala to benefit the general fund of the school and has since become the school’s biggest fundraiser.

“It gives the school administration the ability to say yes to many projects to improve the learning experience of the school,” said president Andy Sulick.

This year, the 30-year anniversary theme celebrated all the best things SM has to offer. It was the largest Blue and Gold event in history, with over 550 supportive members of the community present, including administration, parents, and sponsors. More than 40 alumni and dozens of donors were in attendance as well. SMCHS parent Melissa Driscoll has been to her fair share of fundraisers and was among those in attendance at this year’s event.

“It was a beautiful night filled with good friends, amazing food, and an outpouring of love and support for the community,” Driscoll said.

A variety of auction items were sold ranging from sports equipment to jewelry, spa days to SMCHS gear. The live auction was successful, with trips to Hawaii, courtside Golden State Warriors tickets and trees to celebrate the 30th anniversary–all sold at high prices to go toward tuition assistance.

This year’s event was an extremely successful night, with several people donating enough to pay for the full tuition of many students in need of assistance. Guests enjoyed their night, taking pictures with the Eagle mascot as they walked in, along with donating and dancing in the gym.

“Students are happy and thriving at SMCHS,” Driscoll said. “Parents, grandparents, and members of the community turned out in large support of the school’s thirty-year celebration.”