Four years with my Lenovo Yoga

How I’ve come to appreciate the device I use every day.

Finally loving the one thing I didn’t expect: my tablet.

I was skeptical, four years ago, sitting in a tablet training class.  I didn’t think I’d ever remember my eight digit passcode of jumbled letters and numbers.  I couldn’t figure out OneNote and couldn’t see myself using it to “stay organized”.  The Wi-Fi kept going out every time the teacher tried to explain something, and all of these websites were blocked.  Why would I need a computer if I couldn’t even watch Netflix?

I didn’t like my tablet as an incoming freshman.  Our Lenovo Yogas and Tent Mode were the running joke in class and navigating the Learning Portal was no easy task.  Our teachers knew little about Shared Notebooks or Class Policies and I missed my real notebooks and organized binders from middle school.

As time passed, however, I  developed a different attitude.  I quickly realized how much my tablet allows me to do and complete, and how lost I would be without it.

My tablet allows me to submit things electronically, without having to hassle with a printer.  It gives me the ability to easily share notes with a friend or collaborate on a group project.  I no longer have to carry around a five-inch binder or heavy textbooks in my backpack.  Thanks to my Lenovo Yoga, the internet is at my fingertips.

During the past four years with my tablet, there have been struggles and triumphs.  There have been many trips to the Tech Center and many paper-clip restarts.  I have shut my tablet in frustration and complained about it plenty. But aside from these downs, I’ve also thrived.

I don’t think we appreciate our tablets enough.  There may be issues at times, but the issues are worth it.  As a school, we have saved thousands of trees with our tablets alone.  We have created, shared, and submitted hundreds of projects and documents, all digitally.  After four years, I cannot imagine my high school experience without my Lenovo Yoga.  From sitting in my first tablet training class as a freshman to using it every day as a senior, I am no longer a skeptic but a firm believer.