Answers to print issue 6: crossword puzzle


Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle. Good luck!


2. Run, run like the wind to the …

Answer: back lot

6. The illness most 12th graders suffer from …

Answer: Senioritis

7. Yellow, green, red and …

Answer: Blue

13. The old editor -in- chief

Answer: Cristina Zapata

14. Hashtag…

Answer: SSS

15. The senior privilege throughout the month of May

Answer: Free dress

16. Seniors are almost …

Answer: Dunne

17. He’s not Trump, but he is our class president

Answer: David Chen


1. What will we do without our moms when we go to …

Answer: college

3. An album by Kanye

Answer: Graduation

4. Basically a half marathon

Answer: Pilgrimage

5. Most feared dean

Answer: Ace

8. The new editor -in- chief

Answer: Hannah Prince

9. He has a field of dreams

Answer: Dylan Field

10. The time to be you and to be with God

Answer: Kairos

11. First place winners of the American Scholastic Press Associations

Answer: Eagle Eye

12. 65+

Answer: Seniors

13. Term used by our generation meaning to come over

Answer: Cruise

The Eagle Eye Newspaper challenged you to complete this crossword puzzle for bragging rights upon completion. Congrats!