Post-It project

Inspirational quotes inspire students to be motivated, kind and give back.


Need a daily dose of inspiration? Try scrolling through inspirational quotes. Recently, the Guys Givin’ Back organization has been picking up the trend that motivates and inspires people to do acts of kindness.

The Guys Givin’ Back organization at SMCHS ran by senior Dylan Wrightson, freshman Tyler Wrightson and Christy Wrightson, mother of the two brothers.

Last week, the club completed the sticky note project. This project consisted of hundreds of Post-It notes with inspirational quotes and sayings posted on everyone’s locker around the school campus.

It took the brothers and other members of the club about an hour to make all the Post-Its and write them out, followed by another 45 minutes to post the positive sayings around school.

“We have taken some time to look up some inspirational quotes so that we would be able to make a lot of them different and unique to the person [receiving the post it],” Dylan Wrightson said.

The organization hopes to reach out to everyone through a random act of kindness to help anyone that is having a rough day.

Last Sunday, February 26th, was the official day of Random Acts of Kindness where the members of Guys Givin Back went around local areas to help people.

“We go out into the community and do things like bring bags of quarters to the laundry mat and hand them out to everyone there, and collect jackets and blankets to give out to the homeless,” Wrightson said. “The members are not only helping those in need, but thanking those who help them everyday”.

Dylan Wrightson believes that giving back kindness and inspiration also inspires him to be a better person.

“Everything that we do in the Guys Givin Back organization positively impacts me in some way or another no matter how small or big we go [and I think] that goes for all of our members,” Dylan Wrightson said.

For more information about the Guys Givin Back organization contact Dylan Wrightson at [email protected].