IT ruins eyes

SMCHS students experience vision problems due to the Lenova Yoga tablets.


Rachel Tetreault

Junior Madison Louderback looks at her Lenova Yoga tablet with a new view and new prescription glasses.

Class begins, laptops open and students put on their glasses. Many students have come across problems with their eyes ever since the integration of the school laptops for.

Providing students with their own laptops allow them to get tasks done  easier and in a more organized way. However, after a long six and a half hour day of staring at the tablets, a students’ vision becomes affected.

“By constantly staring at laptops, phones or television, the blue light rays given off of the screens can fatigue your eyes causing vision problems,” said school nurse Rebecca Wood.

According to Pacific University Vision Performance Institute, the blue light rays cause vision to become worse and eventually leads to smaller peripheral vision range. So the use of school tablets results in most students needing prescription glasses.

“My vision was great before I had my laptop, but now I am as blind as a bat and had to get glasses,” said junior Madison Louderback.

Louderback is now near-sighted and her vision not only affects her in the classroom, but also on the road, where she now has to legally wear the prescription glasses.

“Now I can barely see at night, which makes driving a lot harder without my glasses,” said Louderback.

Many ophthalmology doctors recommend students that have  glasses and drive at night should get new lenses with a blue haze that allows extra protection against the blue rays for their eyes.

” I know that my eyes are more protected with the blue haze in my glasses,” said junior Holly Swartbaugh. “It prevents them from getting tired from looking at my screen all day long enabling me to drive safely at night as well.”

The tablets are not only costing their vision, but also a lot of money and time to get prescriptions, which upsets many students including Louderback and Swartbaugh.

“In the process of getting my prescriptions, it took so much time and money, paying over 100 dollars for my new prescriptions,” said Louderback. “I sometimes wish we didn’t have our laptops so I can actually see again.”