Finsta phenomenon

No need to ruin your Instagram aesthetic, just “finsta it.”

Finstas are a more personal way to communicate to friends.

Dessi Gomez

“Finstas” are a more personal way to communicate to friends.

Teenagers have become increasingly aware of the idea of perfection, and the pressure of keeping up with all of the latest trends. We have begun to filter our personalities, along with our accounts. In a world where we are forced to airbrush or delete unworthy selfies, finstas are here to save us.

“Finsta” stands for “fake Instagram” and serves as most people’s second account, in addition to their “rinsta,” or real Instagram. These profiles are made private, and most account owners are very selective about who follows them.

This recent trend, emphasizing self-expression, has been sweeping through SMCHS. With students of all grades taking part in the movement, the phrase “follow my finsta” seems to follow us everywhere.

“Finstas are a great expression of humor and individuality,” said senior Victoria Russell. “Nobody actually cares what you post on your finsta, it’s all for fun and a chance to not take yourself so seriously.”

Since its inception, the world of Instagram has quickly evolved from an open platform of sharing, into a place to advertise yourself and your life to others.

“Lots of people idealize rinstas as a place to have an aesthetic, but that usually overshadows their actual personality,” said senior Dev Patel.

With rinstas becoming less and less genuine, SMCHS teenagers began to feel like their accounts were not a true expression of themselves. Afraid of causing their own social suicide by posting pictures or videos that were not deemed “insta worthy,” they made a second account instead.

The main purpose of a finsta is to be a place to express your true personality and sense of humor, without the threat of judgment or embarrassment. Students have even titled their second accounts with unique usernames, to express their individuality.

“My finsta name is inspired by my #1, Justin Bieber,” said senior Victoria Parsons. “His snapchat name is rickthesizzler. Since my name is Vicky, I thought, @vickthesizz, was close enough. I love JB, and also I’m sizzlin’!”

Finstas are valuable to students because they provide an outlet for creativity and the added, more personal, social media interaction that they allow. These accounts also serve as a way for people to keep up with what is going on in each other’s day to day lives – or the things that are “too boring” to deserve a rinsta post.

“On my finsta, I post about crazy things that happen in my everyday life,” said freshman Elizabeth Scannell. “I keep it for just me and my friends.”

The finsta phenomenon does not seem like it is going anywhere soon, so let your rigid rinsta take the back seat, because funny finstas are in, and so are we.