A clown’s scare

Creepy clown sightings cause locals to worry about the safety of themselves and their community.


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Creepy clowns in their communities.

The month of October is full of Halloween excitement, but some people have taken it too far. According to the Sheriff’s department of South Carolina, people dressed as clowns have been sighted around neighborhoods on the east coast and mid-west side of the United States. Locals have seen clowns stalk, chase, and scare children, teens and parents . However, these clown sightings have turned into a national prank, frightening communities all over the United States. The closest documented sighting to SMCHS was from Huntington Beach. So those around the area must be wary about the clown sightings.

According to NBC, the clown sightings first appeared in August in South Carolina when children reported that clowns were bribing children with large amounts of money so children would follow the clowns into the woods.

In Pottsville, Pennsylvania, a 12-year-old boy was chased by a clown in a local park near his home, according to ABC news.

Due to the reports and threats, many schools have been on high alert–entering lock down and adding police security during school hours.

Following rumors of a clown near campus late Monday night, hundreds of Pennsylvania University State students joined together, formed mobs in the streets and hunted the clowns.

With fears and worries rising, concerned parents have asked police what they should do. The Roselle Park Police Department in New Jersey has addressed the recent sightings and the concerned communities.

“Roselle Park Police request parents refrain from allowing their teenage children to wear clown costumes for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating,” Roselle Park Police wrote in a Facebook post. “Residents may be extra sensitive to ‘evil or creepy’ clown attacks leading up to Halloween.”

A 16-year-old boy in Pennsylvania was stabbed to death after an incident reportedly involving a creepy clown. Similarly, an18-year-old in Martinsburg, Pa., was charged with harassing, threatening and prowling around his neighbors’ home while wearing a clown mask and holding an Airsoft toy pistol.

Some sightings have been labelled a hoax after the arrests, charges and injuries started to arise. People have falsely reported sightings, dressed up as the  clowns as a joke and taken advantage of the national hysteria.

“Hoaxes and attempts to frighten people and people buying into it have happened throughout history, but we’re ripe for this right now because social media allow fear to propagate globally very quickly,” said psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz. “And because right now, we are a country very anxious about otherness,”

The Twitter account @Clown_Sightings has been documenting these sightings  by posting videos submitted by their followers. The account has had submissions from across the country, showing off the creepiest and scariest encounters people have experienced.

With fear taking over many states, people have been abusing the situation and turning it into a prank. In order to resolve this issue, many reporters and communities on the east-side of the United States claim these clown sightings are indeed a serious issue and want to put an end to them, recommending citizens in their communities not dress up as a clown.