Bishop takes the spotlight

SMCHS Talon Theater enthusiastically welcomes an extra member to its talented cast: Bishop Vann.


Courtesy photo

The cast and crew of Guys and Dolls all gather around the celebrity of the show.

After months of rehearsing scenes, memorizing lines, and practicing dances, the SMCHS Talon Theater welcomed one special guest to their show Guys & Dolls. Bishop Vann’s involvement thrilled the cast members of SMCHS’ Guys and Dolls.

“Bishop Vann has been such a joy to work with,” said cast member, sophomore  Drew Schlingman. “We could all feel his enthusiasm from the first rehearsal we had with him.”

The only thing more exhilarating than having Vann in the show, is the story of how this idea came to be. It all started when Vann participated in a childhood production of Guys & Dolls. Ever since, he has loved the play and was thrilled to be a part of this year’s show.

“He learned all the dance moves so easily,” said sophomore Griffin Webb, dance captain. “He was really invested in learning his part because he wrote down all the steps and took videos so he could practice.”

The pressure is always on for the cast and crew to exceed expectations but with a bishop involved, the heat is up. He is the star of the show both onstage and backstage. The actors chat and take pictures with him because he is so friendly and easy to talk to.

“He has been very personable with the entire cast and crew and just had a really great time,” Webb said.

The bishop has added something special to this show by being a part of it. What started as a simple idea, quickly turned into reality and the cast is overjoyed. The SMCHS Talon Theater immediately welcomed him into their theatrical family.

“It was so much fun having him at rehearsals and having him with us for the show. It is truly an honor to say that I have been in a musical with our bishop,” Schlingman said.