Thank you, Campus Ministry

For the food, water and moral support — we owe it all to you.

Dear Campus Ministry,

How do we begin to thank you for everything you do for SMCHS? It’s nearly impossible to explain how much you do for our student body, but here we are in an attempt to say thank you.

You provide a refuge for us. No, you can’t protect us from the wrath of AP tests or the stress of oral presentations, but spending time with anyone from Campus Ministry is like taking a break from reality. Whether it be attending a retreat or simply strolling into your office, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s easy to forget about the anxiety that goes on outside the walls of Campus Ministry. Thank you for giving us a place where we feel at home.

We never run into someone from Campus Ministry without receiving a very enthusiastic “Hello!” or a kind smile that always seems to make the day better. Ms. Diorio, every time one of us walks in to turn in a form or ask for help on X2VOL, you welcome him or her with a warm greeting,  a joke, or assistance with our needs. Mr. T. and Mr. C., your hard work never goes unnoticed. We love to fill our spiritual hearts with your songs, hand motions and kind smiles.

Mrs. Hormuth, squishy hugs got all of us through freshman year. We’ll always remember how loved we are thanks to your enthusiastic messages before mass. Father Randy, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and truly embodying Caritas Christi. Miss Hanley, you are an efficient leader who is always there to help us. Thank you for being such a helping hand and model of service on campus.

Also, you feed us. Every week as we enter the doors of G, we hear someone yell “There’s food in Camp Min!” Thirty seconds later, there are students walking around holding handfuls of pretzels, cookies or slices of pizza. Even though first lunch is around the time a normal person eats breakfast, Campus Ministry’s frequent snacks help us get through long days. Thank you for making our hearts and stomachs smile.

Lastly, anybody can see that God has a special place in the heart of Campus Ministry. If anybody at SMCHS is an emulation of God’s love it’s you. You always treat us like we are so deserving of love and we’re thankful for that. You are ever so generous and it does not go unnoticed. Thank you for being such beloved children of God.


Cristi & Sarah