These doctors came straight from Grey’s Anatomy to treat some intense cases of boogie syndrome. (Skyler Yang)
These doctors came straight from Grey’s Anatomy to treat some intense cases of boogie syndrome.

Skyler Yang

Aboat time

Seniors get competitive with the Senior Cruise costume contest.

Nov 30, 2015

Napoleon Dynamite, Kanye West and the Cheetah Girls all walk onto a boat.

This may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but these are actually just a few examples of the characters SMCHS seniors dressed up as for the 2015 Senior Cruise.

This second Halloween celebration took place Nov. 5 on a three-story yacht filled with pumping music, hilarious karaoke and Mexican food buffet.

Many seniors chose to coordinate costumes in large groups. The largest group was made up of 14 die-hard “Grey’s Anatomy” fans dressed up as cast members together.

“My friend Kelly Clancy and I are obsessed with ‘Grey’s’ and when we were thinking of costume ideas, we decided that it would be perfect,” said senior Lillie Lustig, who dressed up as Meredith Grey. “It was definitely an experience. Walmart was the closest place that sold scrubs, [and] all they had left were huge sizes so we had to choose some massive navy blue scrubs.”

The “Grey’s Anatomy” ensemble wasn’t the only group that arrived in stunner costumes. Senior Catie Woodward and nine other friends had some creative ideas of their own.

“One of our group members, Dakota Brady, suggested that we should be old ladies,” Woodward said. “We decided that if we were going to do it, we had to go all out no matter what. So, the night before the cruise, we booked it to Goodwill. Within five hours, we all had found the ugliest and most perfect grandma dresses.”

With bald caps and some wrinkle makeup, the grandmas embraced their old age and played their parts on the cruise, transforming the celebration into a “senior citizen” cruise.

“Walking down the ramp and up the stairs was hilarious,” Woodward said. “We would act like we were physically unable to do it due to our ‘elderly-ness.'”

Another group that came to impress included senior Shayna Aigner and her four other friends who dressed up as the members of the SMCHS Deans Office.

“The day of the Senior Cruise I was talking to Ace and he asked me if I was going,” Aigner said. “Little did he know I would be dressed up as him.”

Aigner slipped on a pair of blacked-out sunglasses like Ace Ventura. Senior Angela Kim rocked a bleach blonde wig to mimic Jill Hegna. Senior Devan Sperry wore a caterpillar mustache to resemble Jerry Holloway. Senior Sarah Hartmann spraypainted a grey wig similar to John Fitzpatrick’s. And senior Alyssa Tucker gave out detentions all night, just like Alicia Sayles would.

“We were super creative on making the costumes,” Aigner said. “The only things we bought were the wigs. We photoshopped all the ID cards, got the detention slips from Fitz and used clothes from the closets of our parents and siblings.”

The purpose of the costumes was to make a memorable last “hoorah,” but of course there needed to be some competition involved.

“We should win because we incorporated every major doctor from ‘Grey’s’ and we stayed in character all night,” Lustig said. “Even on the karaoke machine, my friend Alexis and I sang ‘How to Save a Life.’ Get it?”

Unfortunately for Lustig, the senior groups that ended up receiving the highest votes among faculty and staff were: the deans, the elderly ladies and the Lion King characters. Below is a volunteer survey conducted by The Eagle Eye to gather the senior class’ opinion of which costume group dressed the best.

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