High Prices to Make Memories

Disneyland Main street

Disneyland Main street

Natalie Leon , Staff Writer


Prices pay for memories. Disney prices are higher than many will spend. Even though Disneyland has been a staple for families, friends, and others; the prices have significantly changed. One ticket for one park is nearly 200 dollars if you include the Genie+ pass (fast pass). Disneyland has many great attractions, and many people consider Disney parks to be some of the best in the world. However, compared to other parks it is quite expensive.

“Personally, Disneyland is a great experience to spend your day at. As a child your imagination was extensive, so it brings back great memories, and you feel like a kid again,” says student Sierra Lenzen. Children absolutely love seeing some of their favorite characters as they become real at Disneyland. The effort that goes into Disneyland compared to their parks is really what makes it different. “Disneyland has always been one of my favorite places to go, it is so exciting. The rides and the detail that goes into the park ad shows within is impressive Even though it is very expensive, the memories created there will last forever, at least I think,” says student Brooke Jondales.

The ticket prices have climbed a lot within the 40 years. In October 1981, a one-day ticket to Disneyland cost $9.50, which would be about $30 in 2023 dollars. However, a one-day Disneyland ticket now costs between $104 and $170, depending on which ticket tier you buy and whether you are buying for a child or adult. They have increasingly climbed over the years.

“Even though the prices are high, Disneyland occasionally is a fun experience. My friends and I just went over break and it was super fun. We only went to one park because of the prices but still had a blast,” said Jondales again. The prices pay for memories, many people think that the attractions at Disney are once in a lifetime, as they are. The work that is put into Disney is a lot, and the money in the end gets put toward those attractions.

In the end, is Disney really worth the money?