Gianna Norton 23′

Sally Yuan, Staff Writer

I am Gianna Norton, and I am a senior at SM. I knew I wanted to go to this school since 7th grade because I had heard their volleyball program was outstanding and they’re also the number 1 catholic school in the area. Not only having a great sports program but their academics made me set on this school. Coming to this school helped me become closer to God and to cherish the people around me, I’ve made many friends throughout my years here and it’s thanks to the very friendly atmosphere SM has.

While playing on the volleyball team at SM it was easy to be close to everyone, and I had a great time competing against other schools with the people I care about. We won many awards and memories together that I will always remember. The great people that I surround myself with pushed my passion for volleyball. SM really prepares seniors for college and allows us to take the next step, the classes I took this year helped me develop the knowledge I need for the future and the teachers taught me many things about life.