Two 2024’s Two Colleges


Natalie Leon , Staff Writer

Natalie Leon, Staff Writer

Two More to Girls Soccer Committing to College

Committing to college is not a dream anymore. Two 2024’s and two colleges. More of our girls’ soccer players have verbally committed to play D1 college soccer. Kaylee McKeehan and Faith George from the class of 2024 are on to continue their academic and soccer careers in college.

Kaylee Mckeehan committing to college

Mckeehan has verbally committed to play at the University of Boise State as of October 23, 2022. This is her third year of high school soccer here at Santa Margarita saying, “SM soccer is special compared to club because you’re playing for your school. It’s fun because there is more spirit. Also, you are playing in front of all your friends and build a stronger bond with those you see every day.”

The spirit on and off the field is always a high for our girls during high school season. They get chance to get away from the stress of club. “SM soccer impacted my career because it made me find my love for soccer again,” said Mckeehan on how SM soccer influenced her career.

Some advice Mckeehan as to share with other student-athletes is, “Do everything at your own pace and that everyone has a different path. Not everyone wants the same future, so it’s okay to do your own thing.” Hoping that others do not stress, and that everything that happens is meant to.

Faith George committing to college

Our other commit Faith George committed to the University of Southern California on August 24th, 2022. It was a hard decision for Faith as she chose a college. In the end, she wanted to stay home.

Recruiting Process

“During the recruiting process I visited about ten schools on the East Coast from June-August. I liked most of them, but I knew right away that my decision was going to be between Penn State University and USC. There were dozens of calls and conversations with both head coaches and their assistants, and I took visits at both places but still couldn’t pick a school. Then on Wednesday August 24th I had a call at 7 in the morning with the entire USC coaching staff and something sort of clicked into place from me. USC has everything I want in my college experience, it’s in a big city, the soccer program is elite, and the academics are good as well. It was just a perfect fit.” The thought of being a trojan felt right.

George is also a third year SM player saying, “SM is special from a soccer aspect because it gave me the confidence to be a good soccer player. I watched the older girls and saw how they handled pressure in tough situations. Realizing that I wanted to be like them when I was a freshman. I wanted to dominate the same way they did, so the thing that makes SM soccer special is the quality of players that we have that push each other to be our best.” There is always competition no-matter the age or level you are at.

As more freshmen come each year George says, “I would say to trust the process. If you work hard and push yourself to play at your best all the time, everything will work out in the end.” Again, trusting the process is what works best, put your all and the results will come.

These two girls are looking forward as their season opens. Putting club to rest for winter, they are bringing their all to high school for a CIF win. Santa Margarita has another two in the books. Soon they will be continuing their academic and athletic careers in college.



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