Restoring Order


Soccer Season

Natalie Leon, Staff Writer

Restoring Order to Girls Soccer

As the girls’ soccer season starts, so does the competition and hard work. The endless practices and games start as they get into league. The varsity team not only looking for a league win, but to go farther. Looking for a CIF win as well.

“This group of players has the talent to earn a CIF title. It will take total team commitment to accomplish this goal of CIF championship, we will restore order” says Davey to if he believes they have the roster to win the CIF.

Because our school has a title for our girls’ soccer, maintaining that stature and name is crucial.

Stepping up to the Challenge

“All the teams we face will be tough, no team is to be given priority over another. Every team we play this year will be respected and deemed as the hardest team we will play” says Emily Davey.


Walking into every game wanting a win, taking nothing less than that. Players giving their best every time they are on the field, whether it be thirty minutes or two minutes.


“To remind this season’s teams that the expectation of championship soccer is the norm, and we need to work hard to meet those norms,” said Emma Newman in how the new head coach is restoring order to the programs name.

There is no exception to whether or not each team should win their league. Each team was specifically evaluated and chosen for a reason, each person is there to help and lead the team to a league championship. The hard work being put in with the scrimmages and trainings should pay off, nothing less will be tolerated.

With a girls’ soccer program like ours, nothing less than a championship status will be allowed. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win the championship,” once said Michael Jordan.


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