Bella Gerken


Renee Gerken

“At SM, I am involved in student ambassadors, peer ministry, ASB, IB Business, and Advanced dance. I love introducing prospective students to the school and getting to show them around as an ambassador. I have a very strong faith life and I am very passionate about sharing the love, wisdom, and light of Christ to everyone at Santa Margarita. I am in IB Business for a second year and it is one of my favorite classes because I would really like to major in business in college. I get to learn about things in the business world that I will hopefully get to experience in the future. Lastly, I have been in Advanced dance for three years and it is a class that truly brings me great joy. Dancing gives me the opportunity to relax and find some enjoyment in a sometimes stressful school day. I love being involved in SM and getting to share the pride of being an Eagle.”